Operations Director

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Operations Director

(Summary description)Lead the branch to establish a sound communication channel; build an efficient organization team.

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Position Name Operations Director Company Tempus Value Chain Department General Manager
Job level

Band 7

Immediate superior General manager Number of subordinates


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Purpose of the post:

Complete the company's annual operating goals; lead the branch to establish a sound and sound communication channel; build an efficient organization team.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Customers who use the company platform to integrate resources and develop integrated supply chain management services.

2. Establish and improve the maintenance, tracking and evaluation system of customers and suppliers to reasonably control costs.

3. Formulate supply chain management procedures, introduce advanced supply chain management methods and systems, establish work specifications, standards and procedures, and organize their implementation.

4. Supervise the daily operations of their supply chain business teams.

5. Review the establishment of the company's operational departments and various management rules and regulations.

Assessment indicators:

1. Target achievement rate, team performance

2. Customer satisfaction


Education and training:

College degree or above in logistics management, business management and other related majors

work experience:

More than 5 years of management experience in related industries

Technical skills:

Broad knowledge, comprehensive knowledge structure, rich industry experience and management experience

Have a high comprehensive quality and be able to quickly master various knowledge related to the company's business

Core qualities:

Have strong leadership skills, excellent interpersonal skills and keen insight

Have strong judgment and decision-making ability, plan and execution ability, and have a good overall view

Instruction manual:

Workplace: office.

Risk: Basically no danger, no occupational disease risk.


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