Warehouse management
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Warehouse management

Our warehouse is your back office.
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50,000+㎡ of standard warehouses and bonded warehouses owned + leased in major cities across the country.


Automated three-dimensional warehouse, AGV, lane stacker, WMS...provide customers with accurate, safe and fast warehousing services and informatization docking.


Standardized work


Provide operation guidance; fool-like operation, system setting rich location selection and sorting out strategy, plan the shortest path, and improve operation efficiency.


First in first out


Automated batch management and strict implementation of the first-in first-out inventory strategy.


Precise inventory


Manage inventory systematically to ensure accurate inventory data;
Improve inventory turnover rate and effectively reduce capital occupation costs.


Reduce dependence


Continue to invest in various automated logistics equipment, continue to reduce dependence on people, improve the accuracy and efficiency of operations, and achieve 24-hour automated operations.




Through the information platform and upstream and downstream to achieve seamless docking, automatic transmission of orders.

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Service Hotline
0755-8860 6987

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